Your Speech or Your Life: Perils of International Presenting

I was contacted by one of my book readers from the most populous city in Nigeria, which in turn, is the largest country in Africa.

He asked if there was a way that I could bring my seminars to his country.

Let me digress for a moment, to share my philosophy with you with regard to international speaking and presenting opportunities. I can sum it up in one phrase:

“Just say YES!”

In other words, I try to do them, whenever possible, providing I travel well and there is a reasonable profit in it for me.


It’s exciting, for one thing, and of course, it’s culturally broadening.

So when the Nigerian lead came along, initially, I was optimistic.

But then, I put on my research hat. The first stop was at the CIA’s web site to read a profile of Nigeria, as a country. Next, I searched the U.S. State Department’s site for traveler warnings.

What I read there blew me away. Not only are there rampant kidnappings of executives and others, but marauding POLICE and MILITARY officers, in full uniform, also freelance in human trafficking.

In a word, your security as a speaker, seminar leader, presenter, or even tourist, is non-existent.

You’re taking a big risk by accepting this kind of assignment.

Do yourself a favor if you’re considering international business. Consult the available resources before even entering preliminary negotiations, because the ultimate bargain you might be striking is: “Your speech or your life!”

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