The Law of Attraction – Be Present

Have you ever met someone who knew you but you couldn’t remember them? Some things are done automatically, like getting water from a faucet. The trouble with that is our brain is like a computer, it files things away that it doesn’t think we need. Often times we try to retrieve that information to no avail, it’s there just not attainable.

When moments like this occur if you take the time to stop and pay attention to what is going on you can gain some control as to how that information is handled; this is why I say you need to be present.

How can you evoke positive decisions to create positive outcomes if you are always on automatic? Being present will enable you to understand you are at a fork in the road and choices exist (big or small), and it puts you in the driver seat.

Every moment of your life is created by making subconscious and conscious decisions. Your thoughts guide you through the day. Most of the time before you say something that you regret the thoughts have been there lingering waiting to be verbalized.

The law of Attraction is so powerful that when think something negative is going to happen it will. Negative thoughts feelings, and emotions, provoke negative outcomes. Have you ever said things like; “I’ll play the lottery, but I’m not going to win”, I bet you didn’t win because you got exactly what you asked for. If you are present when a negative thought take place, stop it, and make a decision to change that “stinking thinking” and believe in your choice to win.

Being present will enable you to feel more alive. When you’re present you will be awake for the good and the bad things that occur as they unfold and allow you to have a firm grasp on positive outcomes and positive emotions. Being present can in some ways stop or prevent addictions from happening.

Addictions are preoccupations with a substance or behavior. Breaking an addiction is not easy; prevention is always the responsible choice. Be present, so you can choose. If addiction is a problem, whether it is food or drugs, make a conscious decision to STOP and become aware of the choice, and make a decision to choose a positive outcome.

Remember, the law of attraction is always working. Being present will open you up to new levels of awareness and enable you to have self control. Continue your daily affirmations, and remember to include “I will be present for every decision I make”.

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