Ideas On A Nice Present And Making One

Well since it’s only been 2 and half months and you guys are not saying I love you, then I don’t feel it’s necessary for you to buy them a very expensive gift. I also don’t think you should do anything too romantic. The reason for this is because they are more meaningful when both partners love each other and plus we have Valentines Day coming up, as well as your 6 month anniversary. So save some of your more romantic ideas for those times.

Yes, this is pretty vague so I can’t tell you anything specific unless you tell me what he/she really likes. I’m sure there’s more that he likes than the cinemas and sports. What you can do is think of something he/she is interested in, likes, or really cares about and give him/her something related to that. Also you have to understand it’s hard to buy them a gift that shows how much you care.

You might be better off doing something sweet like making them a picture frame and putting a picture of you two in it. If you would like you could writing something sweet on the frame. You could also buy a tiny Christmas tree and put little ornaments on it. On each ornament you can put pictures of things he/she likes, things that remind you both of memories you had together, little phrases, etc. And then say something like I couldn’t afford to give you everything you wanted, so here’s a tree that includes it all. Something likes that.

You could also give him/her a really nice gift you know he/she would like. Such as a watch or something. A gift that most people wouldn’t turn down. And then put it in a little box, that’s inside of a huge box. Duct tape the whole thing and make it very hard to open. Then wrap it up and make it look all pretty. And you could put a note next to your present saying something like “This present is hard to get into, just like my heart, but somehow you did it”.

It’s a fun gift and its fun to open the gift together. So you might have better luck making him/her a gift that shows how much you care, cause a gift that’s bought is usually hard to represent that.

You can always go out to dinner or stay home and make them a romantic dinner. You guys can rent movies and spend a nice time together. You could also try going to an amusement park or doing something you both enjoy. It all depends on how you look at what the two of you can do for fun.

You said that they like to watch football then take them to see a football game or you can order one from the TV. Then you could make a nice lunch or dinner for the two of you at the house. So it doesn’t necessarily have to be a gift. That might be the best way to go, if it’s really that difficult to find him/she a gift they will like. You could also give them a gift card or something and he/she could do whatever he/she likes with that.

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