3 Best Practices for Exceptional Webinars: How To Deliver Top Notch Virtual Presentations

Webinars are the twenty-first century way to train more learners, coach more clients and market your products and services globally from your own desktop. Here are three of my favorite webinar best practices to keep your virtual presentations top-notch.

Best practice #1: Prepare slides with maximum visual interest. Use lots of pictures and as few words as possible. Words you write may not be as visible to presenters with a smaller screen. Make an impact with images and photos. Take the time to prepare slides that are visually appealing and capture the audience’s attention. Having fewer words, rather than more words also helps to protect your intellectual property. The webinar should ideally be a combination of stellar visuals combined with solid audio content and fun interaction.

Best practice #2: Expect your audience to multi-task. Research shows that over half of all webinar attendees do something else during the session. This includes checking their e-mail, playing games or engaging with social media. Think about your own experience as a webinar participant. Didn’t you multi-task during the session at least once? The reality is that we have a shorter attention span when we are on line, as opposed to being in a live setting. Rather than wishing your audience’s attention wasn’t divided, accept this as a normal part of webinars. Take it as a challenge to keep your material engaging!

Best practice #3: Make. Every. Word. Count. Eliminate the “um”s and “ah”s from your presentation. Because you know that many of your participants will multi-task, you are doomed to lose them if you ramble or babble. Keep your verbal content crisp, clear and concise. Learn how to convey your content without reading from a script and use your voice to convey how excited you are by the material. The more “into it” you are, the more “into it” your participants will be. Capture them with concise wording delivered in an energetic way.

Want to cite this article in your own research? Here’s the citation information: Eaton, S.E. (2011). 3 Best Practices for Exceptional Webinars.

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